Engine maintenance, oil change and filter

This article tells us about the oil change and filter.

How to change the engine oil on a boat? It can be simple if you have the tools and equipment needed to perform maneuvers comfortable reach. Respecting a few steps you can do well and not get spotted in the attempt.

We agree that calling service has many advantages. But not others know how it performs work for people they like mechanics or in this case, knowing what we paid.

Continue with the same example above article ‘ engine maintenance, change of coolant and corrosion protection ‘ in which spoke of change of engine coolant from the “Nerissa”, a sailboat 1965 which was remotorizado with an engine Sole Diesel Mini62 .

As a first step we must take the instruction manual and, where possible, cutting, if we were to ask for any replacement, to do so by the reference number. Manual meanwhile, it will indicate periods of maintenance and spare parts that we have for each task.


While it is recommended oil change the first 50 hours and then every 200 hours it is very important to check the level of using dipstick. In this way, we can control the state of the oil, viscosity, and even find out immediately if there has been a malfunction and water is mixed with the oil, something indeed quite serious.


We must start work assessing the risk s and calculating how we do it ; In addition to considering the dress, hair pulled out, remove rings and have on hand a lot of rags to clean up spilled oil. It is not as simple as in a car rises, a container is placed below the crankcase and the oil falls by gravity. In principle while thinking maneuver it is advisable to put the engine so that the oil is hot, be more liquid and leave in full. I do not pay attention to heat it too and then prevent us from working.

As a first step will set the pump tube extraction exiting the bottom of the casing, here will be connected a sleeve of variable length. The set should allow us to install a container for used oil and work with some comfort.

When the pump is connected will begin to extract the oil, it is very important that the connections between sleeves no air because we hinder the operation of the extraction pump. Take this part easy; be pumped many times to extract all the oil.



Finishing this process, we close the tube extraction pump and proceed to change the filter. As a first step should be located a small container, flat, fit under the filter to prevent oil off the bilge. To unscrew the more efficient is to use a key chain, once it have loosened can be removed by turning manually. Before installing the new filter we need to ensure that the thread of the connector is clean; It is also necessary to put some oil in the rubber gasket of the new filter. Carefully screw and adjust manually.


To complete the circuit will open the plug at the top of the cylinder head cover. In this engine oil 6.5 liters are used if the filter is changed and one liter less if we let the same filter. It has always been to use the recommended oil SAE 15 W40 Diesel failure to do so could cause damage to some components and void the warranty. The same oil will be used throughout the year taking into account parameters including ambient temperature between -15 ° C and above + 35 ° C.


After filling the circuit will the engine running at idle for a few minutes until the light on the control panel goes out, and stop the engine to check for leaks and check the level with the dipstick to clean it with a cloth before returning to place and remeasure. In this period the oil will travel the entire circuit to completion and this will decrease the level.

It is very important to remember that is so severe that the oil level is low, as it is above the mark , which could cause several problems such as broken seals and cause leaks or even if parts of the crankshaft actually touch the oil level can beat him with the air and lose its lubricating capabilities. If this happens, we will see on the dipstick that the oil changed color to a whitish, milky tone.

Keep in mind that the notches of the rod refer to the engine in horizontal position; therefore, check the engine inclination to check the oil level. In the instruction manual you will find a table indicating the extent of the rod according to the degree tilt motor so you can check the level efficiently.

Following these steps the task of replacement oil can be easy and will take place in a couple of hours.

To doubt it is advisable to consult the technical service of the mark and before starting to work consider the safety, wear gloves, clothing , and be very aware of environmental care, take the remains to an authorized recycling point and not spilling oil in the bilge because it inevitably end up in the sea.




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